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It is my pleasure to brief you on the establishment and improvement of Duro Pipe Industries (Pvt) Ltd. We started operations more than 30 years ago and this period has been momentous for the company and of course, for Sri Lanka. The company became the leading industrial group in the country. The company employed, at the start-up of its operation, around 2000 employees and workers managing the production of various building materials. Our company won several prestigious awards. The company invested in several industrial projects to limit imports. We successfully manufactured and marketed our products to the entire nation. Last but not least, it is my honour, to thank everyone involved who contributed their efforts in achieving our targets and goals.

It is a pleasure to look back the way we have traveled for almost a quarter century. It was a real had journey but we were always looking wih long visions ahead. We were not interested in short term benefits and never stepped down from our strong business policy of considering our reputation first and more than business gains..

PVC plumbing products are indispensable in today's life. Water is the most essential for life and therefore the plumbing materials hold a major part in our day to day life. this is common for every living human, irrespective of his status in the society. It is the main reason for us to see our products stand the highest quality with the lowest prices.

With our quarter century dedicated service to the plumbing industry, we belive that our satisfied customers are the best as we have earned so far. We take extreme care in safeguarding the trust they have in our products.




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"The Process of Manufacturing of uPVC Pipe and Fittings to value our customer"


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